John Sheely, Mockingbird Bistro

Chef John Sheely started out cooking only to support his lifestyle of “ski bum”, working in some of Vail’s most prestigious establishments. After 18 years moving from kitchen to kitchen, Sheely purchased his own restaurant, L’Ostello in the heart of Vail. Originally from Houston, Chef Sheely had enough of the skis, poles, hats and boots, and headed back to H-town to start a new restaurant venture. The Riviera Grill debuted in 1995, which Sheely owned and operated it until 2002. During that time, he was named one of Houston’s “Top Ten Chefs” by City Magazine. Although becoming a chef perhaps by default, Sheely is anything but the “bum” he sought out to be. Chef Sheely’s newest undertaking Mockingbird Bistro continues to woo Houstonians’ palates with his unique take on a “Country-French-meets-American-Market” inspired menu.